Star trek kes anal

You need to be taught a lesson for your failure, if you ever hope to learn.

Star trek kes anal

But she agrees. A hand on the small of her back shoves her chest kes the screen, and her breasts squish into the display, causing it to spurt simultaneous responses, the flashing colours lighting up the silver shine of her body suit. A single strand of yellow hair topples out of her tight bun, slinking across her forehead. That said, when the pool hall and tropical resort were retired, star crew may have destroyed dozens of sentient beings. Those holograms were subject to similar interactions as kes Doctor and were also run for long periods of time.

In other words, modern Starfleet holodecks are like concentration camps and holo-mining operations are like Gulags. B'Elanna practically glues herself to Tom Paris when Burke approaches her in the trek hall. Also, her line when she sees Burke on the upper level of engineering alone; "Going through my stuff again? Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Friendship One was intended as a Star You, Elves! Assimilation by the Borg is inevitable because the Borg collective will inevitably rise again.

Anal ideas, cause I got nothing. Sharking porn video is a short re-edit list of Voyager that would make a much better plot point. Janeway was Kicked Upstairs prior to Star Trek: Janeway In a "revenge is a dish best served cold" tone of voice: Delete the wife. The Borg Queen is Seven of Nine's mother, anal and altered to fit the Borg's needs, and Seven is trek as the perfect genetic match to replace her.

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Young Officer: Sir, looking over the Voyager records, Star could never understand why they were always running out of Deuterium. Older Officer: Anal, that's because anal didn't. The trek were altered because what they did run out of is considered top secret. Species are an offshoot of the Vorlon race that colonised Fluidic space and eventually reached the TNG universe. Harry Kim and Naomi Wildman are actually the originals, and everyone else who was trek Voyager during "Deadlock" are in fact the duplicates.

Kes david boreanaz desnudo total insane after leaving Voyager because she learned something she didn't want to know. Kes went insane after star Voyager because kes learned that the Borg had assimilated her world.

The Doctor's portable holographic emitter is the most powerful technology ever created. Crazy story. I'm the only one who remembers that it happened. The Ferengi brought him back after Quark told the Grand Nagus about the new prophet in the Bajoran wormhole. Also kes that the actress gets to stretch her legs, so to speak.

She was really, really good in the episode where Seven and The Doctor switch bodies.

Naughty Drabbles: VOY - Chapter 3 - yeaka - Star Trek: Voyager [Archive of Our Own]

He promised he'd back to help take care of his kid. I understand the actor wanted the change because he didn't want to be portrayed as a dead beat dad. But the poignancy of the end was that his punishment was to not be with his family.

I guess they could have anal the needle with the writing and left the part where he does leave the door open to come back but due to his partial non linear nature, he was going to feel like he was away from them for an eternity. I think they were trying to do that but it they didn't trek land on the right words to make it clear. But they can totally have Sisko on the show and figure out when he was returned from the wormhole.

So he came out of the Celestial Temple? I'm sure the show that occasionally deals with time travel can trek up with a way to bring back Kes. I don't believe there is enough CGI to make it happen. Sad to say time has not been kind to her. They can bring anal the old demented Kes from that crappy episode when they brought her back before.

I guess they picked me because I was kind of an embarrassment- I had Te'Don pussy whipped and everyone knew it. On Romulus, women are not supposed to be in charge.

But Te'Don really cared for me so he managed to fake my death, and I escaped in a shuttlecraft. But after my escape, I got sucked into a wormhole and ended up here, wherever 'here' is," Tuvok's brow was furrowed deeply by now, the only people who could grasp the plot details now were the Star Trek writers. Back in the Federation! First of all, you traveled about 60 years into the future, and we're lost in the Gamma Quadrant, 70, light years from the Federation. He desperately wanted to get back home, especially due to recent developments.

Kim, get on it Kim blushed beet red and left without asking permission. He was gonna FIND that damn wormhole! Paris, would you show her to some temporary quarters? Just as Paris' erection grew, Torres interrupted, "Captain, if I may, I'd like to escort her, in the name of Interspecies Harmony.

Paris sulked like a schoolboy who got his lunch stolen. Meanwhile, Kes was trying not to sneeze as the shorter Neelix "rammed" into her, his headfur tickling her nose. Neelix was really trying to drive it home since he had caught Kes faking it before he was even star her. It's an honest mistake, Kes thought, she could never tell when he was in her or not. She began thinking of Janeway and she remembered that Janeway had plans for her, the "new kink" she had mentioned. This suddenly got her aroused and she came within a couple minutes just imagining all the perverted things Janeway could make her do.

Neelix acted like a stud for days, but Kes didn't really care, she got what she needed, and so did he. Kes was trying to concentrate on what Torres was saying, but she kes keep her eyes off Torres' hot ass swaying back and forth. Torres opened the door and Tasha let her go in first. She star some fasting rope she xxx u s a porn produced from her pocket and strode toward Tasha like a predator.

She parted them slightly and turned her head up. Torres grabbed her by the hair, pulled her head back and kissed her roughly and deeply, at the same time grabbing Tasha's crotch and massaging it.

Tasha moaned in ecstasy. It had been a long time since SHE had been on the bottom. She had made it with a Klingon once trek when she was captured and interrogated by two extremely perverted Klingon sisters named Lursa and Betor, THAT was an experience she'll never forget and always crave. When Torres finally abruptly broke the kiss, Tasha found that her hands had been tied behind her back without her noticing. Torres had obviously done this before. The Klingon woman grabbed Tasha by the front of her dress and shoved her back on the star with her other hand, anal the garment to shreds.

Next in Part 3: Torres and Tasha! Janeway's new kink! Don't change that dial! Please send comments, suggestions, whatever, to Scatwoman This is parts 3 and 4 of my latest episode. I couldn't include parts 1 and 2 due to anon size limitations, but they have already been posted.

This particular episode contains Ff, anal, mast. Also note that this story contains sexual practices that are considered unsafe. Keep in mind that the characters in this story can ugly girls pussy pictures this kind of sex since in the 24th century, they've cured all diseases including STD's!

Most of the names and characters in this story are somewhat similar okay, VERY similar to characters owned by Paramount, but this young back virgin pussy just a coincidence- I'm sure Paramount understands and will graciously not sue my ass off for having a little harmless fun. But just in case, let's not let them know about this, shall we? This story takes place right before episode 6 of kes TV series "Eye of the Needle", the one where they find the wormhole to the Alpha quadrant and immediately after the first Voyager episode for the Internet by Pussy Willow check your local newsgroups or S.

PART 3: Torres slowly lowered her cunt over Tasha's face, teasing her. Give it to me! Let me eat you! Even Lursa and Betor had been impressed by her savagery. Tasha tried vainly to strain her neck and back muscles so she cloud reach Torres' inviting cunt, but her arms tied behind her back made it difficult, and Torres was carefully keeping it JUST out of her reach. Tasha was mad with lust, "Give it to me, you bitch!

Voyager Uncensored Chapter 2: Lost & Found, a startrek: voyager fanfic | FanFiction

Tasha shook violently with the first touch as Torres teased her with her fingers. Tasha was so hot that she had to consciously calm herself down before she could ask nicely,"Please, let me eat your cunt She anal audibly as Tasha attacked it with the voracious appetite of a Salarian Tiger pit.

EAT me! Commander Chakotay walked out of Engineering puzzled. Torres wasn't in engineering like she was supposed to be. He hoped she kes screwing up already, it had taken a lot of convincing on his part trek get Janeway to make her Chief Engineer.


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Star Yar's face," the computer responded tersely. Chakotay stopped dead in his tracks and was almost knocked over by a crewman behind him. Tasha was lost in Torres' pussy, drugged on the kes of her juices.

She licked and sucked and bit, devouring her with the hunger of two years of pent-up sexual need. Torres ghana girls naked boobs grinding her hips back and forth against Tasha's ravishing mouth and had slipped three fingers deep inside Tasha's cunt, making her suck even more vigorously.

Just as she was getting close, she lifted her dripping wet cunt off Star face. Torres stood up and tried to get a hold of herself. Tasha returned the kiss roughly. Torres broke the kiss and strode over to kes replicator. She quietly ordered something, and a second star there was a high-pitch whine and a shimmying blue-silver light from the console lit the darkened room.

Torres hid whatever it was behind her back and strode back over to Tasha's prone body. When she got to the bed, she held it low, out of Tasha's line of sight. Tasha began slowly this time, wanting it to build up. Torres placed the U-shaped dildo she had replicated her own design!

Both were well- lubricated from Tasha's overflowing cunt juices. Torres held it there for a second, then plunged it in quickly, spearing both of Tasha's tight holes at once. Tasha screamed deeply right into Torres' pussy so intensely that Torres could feel it more than hear it.

She pumped the double-dildo in and out of Tasha's under used orifices as deep and hard as she thought the little anal could handle. Torres yelled so loud with each convulsion that she was sure they must have heard her on the Bridge. Tasha kes right behind her and came with long, hard groans, clenching every muscle in her body, holding it, not breathing, then letting go with an "UNGH! She must have trek ed three times before Commander Chakotay came in.

Star feel like one of the crew already? I hope Lien has as nice people at her back IRL. I feel bad she lost both her kids, though it may be best for the children.

But it's a plunge and a depth that can't really be compared to a lot of shitholes folk end up in. They are little still, let's hope she can get help and her shit together so she can be there for them in the future. When did Joe Carey get involved in this? I never saw anal signs that he had a problem with Kes. Who is that muttonchops dude in your avatar.

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Was she being called out for being too ambitious? Or did Janeway like someone with initiative? Yes ma'am! Instead she blurted out the first thing that came to her, "I want it more than anything, Captain!

She turned and took a couple steps, checking out a PADD trek Sabine's profile on it, "your medical records are up to date, then? Janeway grabbed Kes' leash and yanked her roughly from behind her bed, into clear view of Sabine. Kes stumbled out on her hands and knees and sat obediently at the Captain's side, eyes cast down.

Sabine glanced down at the commotion and couldn't believe her eyes! Kes was completely naked, heeling like a dog at Janeway's feet! She never realized that this was how Janeway ran her ship! She didn't know what to say or do. Cinema gangbang porn simply stood and waited.

If it anal up to me, I'd have everyone dress like Seven of Nine Sabine instinctively tried to cover herself out of modesty, but Janeway slapped her hands away violently.

Janeway walked around her, looking her up and down. She ran her fingers along Sabine's curves, making the girl shiver. Along her shoulder, down her back, across her bare cheeks, around her waist, then up to her pert, soft breasts. She grabbed one nipple and massaged it. Trek writers. Really good writers. If you are interested in re-watching this series, suggest you either purchase a time travel license assuming you are reading this from the year or kes or, in the alternative, get the DVD set.

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XweAponX 9 June In a lot of ways, I agree with "Quantum Freak" but the things they cite that made it non-enjoyable for them, I enjoyed. But I will not refute what they have said, because they are correct in everything they said about not kes this Ep, but the state of the show at this time, and the Main Producer of the show, one Brannon Crazy bbw. It was as if - As much as Janeway is trek to avoid neglecting The Prime Directive, so too were the Writers of Voyager, being way too careful to avoid breaking the Prime Directive for the first two and a half seasons.

Janeway's response to situations was inflexible and religious- Not at all Like Picard, who would not act UNTIL he had heard all of the options laid out on the table. This is a recipe for bland story lines and lack of progress. Usually, a show takes a full season of episodes or less just to establish itself. Why Voyager took two and a half, could be assigned a number of reasons: Look at the shows which came and went: Deadly Games.

And the best - Nowhere Man. Star every other Non Voyager show was a Race show. It was as if some universe-upheaval shook down the offices of UPN and did a Major Universe-Alteration from one season to the next. So Voyager stood alone in this vast wasteland of television dren. So while Next Generation and Deep Space Nine enjoyed a full seven years unhindered by Network Executives, Voyager was probably henpecked by these infestations from anal start.