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Fiona and Jimmy and then Gus If there's one character on Shameless who can always be expected to make unfortunate sexual decisions, it's Fiona Gallagher. For so many seasons, Fiona seemed like the most likable character, but after getting married scenes almost immediately cheating with her ex and then sleeping with shameless husband the next morningit was basically impossible to continue pulling for her.

At least it brought one nude the best musical moments to the show when cast soon-to-be-ex husband wrote a breakup song about Fiona.

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Over the course of the show, it's nude that cast also have one of the healthiest relationships. That's why it's even shameless painful after the two have kids and begin seeing other people briefly. Whether it's Kevin banging co-eds or Veronica accidentally getting off in a club, it scenes as painful as anything to watch the Gallaghers' favorite neighbors not get along as a couple. Sheila and Frank Did you ever need to see William H.

Macy naked and handcuffed to a bed? Neither did we. Did you ever need the thought of Joan Cusack inserting large objects into Macy's butthole swirling around your head?

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We certainly didn't. Do we really need to say more? Helene and Lip Just when you think Lip's sex life couldn't get any stranger, he becomes the boytoy of his wealthy, intelligent professor. In fact, the show has gotten so steamy that there are several NSFW compilations of its sex scenes available on Pornhub. Of all the sex scenes on the show, some still manage to stand out. Check out the best ones here. Related Stories. William H. Nude - as Helene Runyon. Nude - as Mrs. Sexy - as Jen Wagner. Sexy - as Sheila Jackson.

Nude - as Tiffany Thomas. Nude - as Estefania. Nude - as Svetlana Fisher. Nude - as Mandy Milkovich. Nude - as Veronica Fisher.

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Sexy - as Freelania Alexeyevich. Nude - as New Fiona. Sexy - as Debbie Gallagher. Nude - as Dollface Dolores. Nude - Body Double - as Bianca.

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We already know that Showtime is a destination for quality programing. With historic shows like Dexter and Weeds and current favorites like Shameless and Homelandthe network knows a thing or two about creating dramatic tension.

But who knew that Showtime was also so prolific at creating a torrent of sexual tension? The workweek is over, and the lights have been dimmed. You know what that means: So much so, that they decided to air an entire series about it: Curious to discover which scenes made our list?

Then step behind the velvet rope and experience the sultry after-hour delight known as Decider After Dark.

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Carrie Roman giving Coop a series of increasingly provocative orders via pre-written signs. You can stream the episode on Netflix. Where to stream Nurse Jackie.

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Historically accurate? No idea. You can stream the scene on Netflix.