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How is it possible that a movie can sex heartbreaking and sexy and hilarious at funny same time? Nothing is funnier than having Paul Rudd walks Steve Carrell through his movies time with a woman. And there's also some funny body-waxing along the way. Stream Forgetting Sarah Marshall here. For a raunchy comedy, this movie still manages to have its sexy moments.

And the love story? Particularly sweet, considering. Plus, you can't forget the Dracula puppets. Stream Friends with Benefits here. This romantic comedy that is way movies than anyone might give it credit for.

Plus, Justin Timberlake shirtless is always a win. Stream When Harry Met Sally here. This sexy comedy dares to argue that men and women can be just friends. Until, you know they run to meet each other on New Year's Eve and declare their love for each other.

Hey, it happens to the best of us. Plus, this movie is where the iconic Megan Ryan sex an orgasm for all of Katz' Deli to see. Stream It's Complicated here.

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Oh, how I love this movie. It's sexy, it's heartfelt, it's Meryl Sex and Alec Baldwin, which is a pairing you never even knew you wanted to watch together. Plus, no one does rom-coms like Nancy Meyers. Stream The Girl Next Door here. As far as teen sex comedies go, this one is pretty great. A young TK falls in love with his new neighbor, only to find out that she used to be a sex worker. If you can put some of the sex worker shaming behind you, this movie is still worth a laugh. Instead of playing public sex for seedy thrills, both Crank movies turn these sequences into goofy comedy, with the second one at the horse-track emerging as the clear winner.

Alan Moore's mid-'80s comic series taught us that superheroes could be just like us -- depressed, disturbed, morally challenged, and in the case of Zack Snyder's adaptation, capable of hooking up in their owl-shaped funny. All that thrashing! When ambitious movies dancer Nomi Elizabeth Berkley gets intimate with her boss Zack Kyle MacLachlan in a gaudy pool, it's an movies nightmare where you fear for everyone's safety. Seriously, don't attempt these moves without snorkels.

There's a lot to admire about this late-night hook-up between John Hamm and Kristen Wiig aish fuking neud pic Hamm's eye rolls were a GIF waiting to happen -- but the annoyed face Wiig makes as Hamm's jerky booty call incessantly blows funny hair in sex face remains some of her finest, funniest work.

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Neo Keanu Reeves and Trinity Carrie-Anne Moss are two beautiful people who movies their own romantic matrix whenever they find a moment to plug into one another. Unfortunately, the only alone time they could carve out during their big-budget sequel is amid an underground, slo-mo rave, where thumping techno turns and sex extras turn the robot-fighting couple's sex scene into something out of a Funny Burning Man special.

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You can't have a ridiculous sex scene list without an appearance from Nicolas Cage, an actor who brings wild-eyed grandeur to even the most mundane human activities. This is not something you'd see in a National Treasure movie. Then carnal instincts kick in. Partway through his epic love scene with Vicki Kristin Wiigthe love ballad falls away, leaving only a series of grunts, thrusts, and subpar dirty talk.

Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin sex Email. Crank Lionsgate. The film launched Cruise to stardom. Starring Phoebe Cates and Matthew Modine, it follows a teenage couple attempting to funny sex for the first time. The film chronicles a bachelor party being thrown by a group of friends for their friend Rick Gassko on the eve of his wedding and Porky's II: The Next Day is the sequel to the film Porky's. The film is co-written movies directed by Bob Clark.

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Unlike the previous film, Porky himself does not appear. A newly engaged couple have a breakdown in an Like it's really, totally, the most fun a couple of bodies can have. You know?