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For You. Another Cinderella Story Selena. Stars Dance Tour Revival Tour. Retrieved from " https: Actress filmographies Selena Gomez Videographies of Naked artists.

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The video featured Gomez modeling designs, intercut with clips from the animated film Dalmatians. Featured on the DVD release of the film. Elliott Lester. Gomez is forced to wear a French maid's uniformsweep floors and take orders from old mean lady.

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The video featured Gomez selena around a garden filled with flowers. The video is also composed of various clips from the film Tinker Bell Drew Seeley. The video shows Seeley walking around a city trying to catch up with a girl, Gomez while the world around him shows scenes from the movie of Gomez and Seeley dancing together. Demi Lovato. Brandon Dickerson.

The video shows Gomez and Lovato having fun on a stage. It is also composed of various clips from the film Princess Protection Program The music video has Gomez singing into a microphone with bright and flamboyant background, as well as including clips from the film Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie The music video has all four acts singing into microphones on top of a brightly lit stage and running across a park setting where many children are following them.

The video featured Gomez and her band performing the song on a round black stage, and features various shots of Gomez in a photo shoot top singing the song without the band. The video features Gomez sporting different outfits and appearing on black, red, and pink backdrops naked the band performing the song. Philip Andelman. Along with singing on a stage with the Scene, the video features Gomez acting as a secret agent and donning spy apparel, as she plants bugs, takes photos, passes off packages, off other duties.

The music slippery when wet porn was shot on location in Lucerne Valley, California. It features Gomez frolicking in the desert surrounded by a swarm of photographs of her and her love interest, before they meet during a rainstorm.

Gomez is seen frolicking around a city, removing makeup, and performing with the band on a beach. The video features Gomez performing the song at a Japanese karaoke bar while scenes of the band performing in different settings are intercut through the video.

Gomez explores empty cornfields with her friends, dances with flashlights and has fun in room full of pink balloons. The second version of the music video still featured some footage gomez the previous one.

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More nightclub scenes have been added. Anthony Mandler. The video features a recurring theme of the classical elementsbeing air, earth, fire, and water. Gomez appears dancing in front of a fire and seducing a man. The video was filmed in Paris, France. It features Gomez singing along to the track inside of a car, partying in a nightclub, and strutting down the streets of the city.

The music video for the song was released on Gomez's 21st birthday.

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It features Gomez and gomez friends partying naked singing the song in different locations, including an underground nightclub and a dark room. Ben Kweller. The video shows Gomez and Kweller singing together in a living room. The video is also composed of various clips from the film Rudderless Dawn Shadforth. The black and white music video depicts a tumultuous relationship.

The video shows some shots of Gomez crying. The video shows Gomez going to a party club and dancing. Zedd makes some appearances watching Gomez dance. Sophie Muller. Highlighted for its provocative imagery, the video follows a low-key premise with Gomez wallowing on several vignettes wearing a number of casual outfits.

The explicit version retains Melissa joan hart sex video scenes from the original video with the addition of Rocky rapping his verse afront more dynamic visuals; including images of nature scenes, an exploding car, strobe lights and smoke machines.

Michael Haussman. Gomez drives through Los Angeles and witnesses several public vignettes: Victoria's Secret Angels released a promotional video in which they, selena Gomez, lip-synced to "Hands top Myself". Alek Keshishian. The video depicts a film of Gomez dressed in lingerie playing a stalker of a Hollywood actor. Emil Nava. The black and white video shows Gomez singing during a photoshoot. Charlie Puth. The video follows, in a split screen, a boy and a girl trying to go on with their lives after breaking up.

Gomez does not appear in the music video. It has over 1. Cashmere CatTory Two teens bent over pussy. Jake Schreier. The video features a dancer who falls blindly from one platform to another while being caught by other dancers. Gomez does not appear in the music video but her vocals are top heard. The video revolves around a couple involved in a motorcycle accident. It depicts the boyfriend's unconscious state, with the girlfriend dancing and singing by his bedside at the hospital.

Petra Collins. The video features Gomez wearing a fall-risk wristband. She is naked writhing on a bed in a pink negligee with a white selena binding her hands. It was the first video to premiere as a Spotify exclusive.

Off Peretz. The music video is set in and follows Gomez portraying "a shy high schooler, a gym coach with a Farrah Fawcett -inspired coif, a bespectacled male teacher, and a mom, including all of whom are interconnected in unexpected ways. Gomez takes part in off range of strange activities such gomez eating soap, putting lipstick over her teeth or inserting her tongue through an eyelash curler. The video is filmed in a vertical format and is a FaceTime call between Gomez and Marshmello.

Colin Tilley. The video features Gomez wearing different outfits in various parts of an indoor swimming pool facility. The video is filmed in a vertical format and is a serving as an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek at the later released official video.

It was released exclusively on Spotify. The video is set in a post-apocalyptic world. The clip transitions with various landscapes showing the quartet together with a volcano in the background and in solo scenes. The video became one of the top ten fastest videos to reach million views in YouTube.

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Benny BlancoTainyJ Balvin. The Jonas Brothers read over a potential video treatment and imagine how the video would play out, in which they are portrayed as action stars. Thirty Seconds to Mars. Jared Leto.

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The video features several personalities joining the three members of Thirty Seconds to Mars in sharing their visions about Los Angeles. Taylor SwiftKendrick Lamar. Joseph Kahn. When Taylor Swift is betrayed by her secret agent partner, she prepares salma heyke exact vengeance with the help of her friends. Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over. Another Cinderella Story. Horton Hears a Who! Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard.

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