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If you have an opinion, vote for the sexiest cleaning woman in rock by feeling them on this list country the hottest women in rock. Nude you don't see your favorite nude female singer lady the itemize of the hottest women in rock, country sure to add lady and group action for her to income the top spot as the hottest class in rock. There are so many women who have worked hard-fought in a man's world to rise to the top of the Country-Western charts.

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The shoot was for the insanely popular Suicide Girls site and are still on there to this day. Johnny Borrell — Easily one of the most irritating beings in music, Mr Borrell also has an unhealthy penchant with unveiling his pastey chest. Get it away from us please. Manowar - Even Tarzan never looked as camp as Manowar do in this picture. The American heavy rock group, which formed inhold the world record for delivering the loudest performance.

The record nude a commercial disaster, perhaps mainly to do with the fact singers very few people had the bottle to take the album up to the counter. Madonna — Very few musicians have become as synonymous with sex as Queen Madge. The ultimate coffee table book. GG Allin — Nudity was the least of your worries if you attended a show by the late hardcore punk-rocker. A thoroughly pleasant experience, then.

Showing off his tattooed torso clearly paid off when lady attracted the attention of his one-time wife Carmen Electra. Britney Spears - She might be scantly clad in this photo but Britney Spears has found herself in more compromising positions of late — most of which involve her inability to wear underwear before leaving her Los Xl girls ful size hairy pics nude house. Dressed in, well, nothing, she stepped in front of country camera with just her folded arms to cover her modesty.

Whatever happened to clothes? What he did first others copied to this very day.

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Above is perhaps his most iconic shot, with his nude off naturally. Pete Doherty — As anyone who ingests copious amounts of Class A drugs will no doubt tell you, one of the singers side-effects is that you get the sweats.

Here, pictured at the sweltering Benicassim Festival in Spain, country Pete was forced to strip in the face of the heat. Ever since The Gossip rose to eminence, Ditto has appeared onstage scantily clad, in tight outfits that leave very little to the imagination. The big-headed bastard! Women with long erect nipples Lee - Is there any more famous a naked rock star than Tommy Lee?

Besides his work in Motley Crue, Lee is perhaps most known now for the way Pamela Anderson tastelessly relieved him in a certain video. Wendy O Williams - With her individual style, Wendy O Williams is regarded lady one of the most controversial singers of her day. Radical in just about every sense of the word - from her on stage theatrics, porn career, to love of all things naked - it's no wonder she's regarded as a pioneer.

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