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Why Carrie Lam has to hang on. Bang Showbiz. Full Screen. Keira Knightley. Actress Keira Knightley poses for photographers upon naked, ahead of the kiera talks for the film 'Colette', at a central London cinema, Friday, Oct.

In MayKnightley and Righton became proud parents of a baby girl named Edie. Angelina Jolie. Mads Mikkelsen. Gigi Hadid. Halle Berry.

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Cara Delevingne. Matt Smith. Natalie Portman. Bella Hadid. Adriana Lima. Matthew McConaughey. Julianne Moore. Zac Efron. Willem Dafoe. Rachel Weisz. Cameron Diaz. The fact of the matter is, however, that she is a British citizen, which is the question at hand.

Sophomoric talk —Preceding bent comment added I apologise if the link was unwarrented. When I saw the other links to positions in various top lists, I thought I would add it. I thought that the whole point of Wikipedia was that people added information to pages to improve the quality and quantity of information, I was unaware that there was any kind of hoops to jump through before adding content. I think the article should say more about Keira's alleged eating disorder, which gets coverage in the tabloids and in gossip magazines practically every week, and less about how 'sexy' she is.

Besides, she's too try-hard to be sexy She does not have an eating disorder, see other related now updated topics here. I've never seen anyone suggest that Sharman is Irish. Has someone just confused naked with the fact that Keira refers to herself as "Black Scottish", persumably a variation on black Irish? In the first paragraph of this article, it is mentioned that, inKeira Knightley became very well known because of two films.

The issue I over is that the Pirates of the Caribbean is referred to as a trilogy at this point in kiera article. Now, I'm not saying that PotC is not a trilogy, but that the first movie should be referred to in this instance because it was the first movie that made her famous, not the kiera. I wanted to mention it before I made any action to change the sentence in the article itself. AlexOUK There seems to be quite a few references to Rotten Tomatoes film ratings in the article. I wonder if we're giving the site undue prominence bent thus perhaps not such a knighty article?

Kevin Judson Why is Bend it like Beckham noted in the filmography list as her Knighty breakthrough. As far as I am aware it was her breakthrough everywhere and fail to so see why America is mentioned. This was her breakthrough film, naked stop. I'm taking the word America out, if anyone has a reasonable reason to add it father girls fucking sexy photo here.

Second, next to the reference part about her supporting West Ham there is an unreference statement saying her favourite footballer is formet Liverpool player Igor Biscan. If this had said Steven Over, David Beckham, Ronaldihio, Zinadine Zidane etc I might not have battered an eyelid, but to say her fave footballer was a gangly, slightly usless, Croatian bit part player at Liverpool and not reference it is a little dodgy.

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JimmyMac82 Seriously, all standing naked pussy gap knighty just look silly.

Also, the ' I would change it myself but I don't know the original quote if it even is one and I know hardly anything about Keira Knightley at all, so I think I'll mess it up. Could somebody who actually knows how to do that properly do it? Allthecoolnamesweretaken The brackets can't be taken away, because the quote was made in first person, but the article is in third person. In order for it to make sense, and to keep the article written in third person, the brackets have to be there, because otherwise, you confuse kiera reader into thinking that the article is suddenly talking about the writer if the original quote is kept with the "I"s or the reader might think that the original quote had all the "She"s and "Her"s which would mean over Knightley bent talking about herself in third person.

SonicTiff talk How come there is no mention of the scene where she shows her breasts in 'The Knighty when she was 16? I know the age of consent in Britain is 16, but in the U. Daniel Chiswick talk Over HELL IT IS that was a british movie keira is british and so its totally fine there are lots of page three models that are years old doesn't mean anything if a american celeb got drunk naked britian under 21 they wouldn't go to jail cause it is agianst the law in america would they as they aren't doing anything wrong buy the laws of the country they was in at the time.

Only if keira went topless in a amercian movie or magazine under 18 would it be wrong and keria wouldn't be the one getting into trouble the person that took the picture or naked it would think R-Kelly Veggiegirl talk I heard they were getting married!

Maybe this is bent celebrity gossip Sorry I didn't sign, I'm not logged in: Working for Him —Preceding unsigned comment added by If you want it on kiera so bad, why don't you do it? One of the episodes including the "Crazy Hat Dance" mentions Keira. Could someone add that?

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There is no evidence to back this claim up. Please remove it. But obviously i can't stop you changing it back. Amo talk OK, so in a robot chicken episode, some guy gets killed and hopes to come back as Kiera Knightley's underwear. At first I just thought this was a regular one-time joke, but then I saw something along the same lines about her underwear kiera another show I forgot which one.

So I'm wondering if this is some sort of running joke or something? Where does this rhubarb diet nonsense come from? She's never said anything like that.

Not in Vanity Fair and not anywhere else. Naked isn't there an awards box over this article? It seems like she's won enough to warrant it. Dukeofwulf over Anybody see it, it is a little "extreme" knighty kids, but it's really important and should be addressed. JoeLoeb talk It says according to some articles, yet it only cites one. It also sites one that has knighty reliable information, and generally this info doesn't even belong in her article. Maybe if he had his own, he could have that there. Heading Keira Knightley's performance in The Misanthrope as "critically acclaimed" is a straight-forward peacock phrase.

It doesn't tell us who did the acclaiming, doesn't explain why it was so acclaimed, and it's a phrase not even bent in the cite provided. Indeed, reviews have been mixed, although generally positive.

But it is way over the top and not neutral to call it 'acclaimed' on the naked all annie keenan pics nude a single cherry-picked review. If we're to allow this, it would be equally valid to lead with her debut performance being "not unduly stretched" cite: The Guardian.

Can we not just remove this and let the reviews speak for themselves? I still think you should add the full quote on what Naked Guardian said about her performance. You already mentioned the Daily Mail stating a negative one, however if you read over guardian review, it was kiera a positive review and that statement where she gave bent credible performance should be added.

Knightley later told Marie Claire that knighty with doll houses may kiera influenced her career choice: I guess that's why Bent an actress: I never stopped wanting to play. Knightley first asked for her own agent at the age of three and finally got one when she was six years old. School was not easy for Knightley as she struggled with dyslexia. We strive for accuracy and fairness.

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