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Miss Brazil Bahia waits to change her dress, minutes before parading before judges at the final contest for Young Miss Brazil They both dream of being Misses and wearing the winning sash. Young Miss contestants spin in their dresses during a competition.

Girls must be between ages 8 and 12 to participate in the contests. Maysa perches on the armrest of a chair in her home. Kamila Kung, Princess of the state of Santa Catarina, stands amid piles of dresses. She was competing in the final contest for Young Miss Brazil They took a bus and train to reach the contest, traveling for nearly two hours.

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Walk into the room with a camera, and she'll grab you by the hand, tugging you into position. In front of the lens, she transforms herself into a supermodel. She swings her hair around to one side, stretches her neck into a long line, and delicately cocks a hand on her hip.

In fact, it may be a more difficult task to get a Young Miss not to strike a pose.

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Photographer Luisa Dorr. She speaks glowingly of Maysa's "astounding personality" and down-to-earth determination and dedication to her studies. She is Catholic, and the daughter of a policeman and a secretary. Maysa proceeds next to the national finals in October. To be in the contest, a girl needs to be between 8 and 12 years old and enrolled in school. The pageant is divided by national states.

Girls pass up and down the catwalk in myriad outfits, and perform various talents. In an image of 9-year-old twins Laryssa and Rayssathe girls are styled nearly identically.

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Their hair is teased and curled into blond creations. They wear flouncy gowns. They gaze into the camera, porcelain faces strategically highlighted and contoured with makeup. They could be teenagers.

Because as well as being a normal seven-year-old, Amber is also an aspiring child beauty queen. Did she enjoy entering the beauty pageant? Amber thinks for a second and then nods her head. Will she be entering any more? The child beauty pageant circuit in the UK has seen a recent explosion in popularity. Although such contests are commonplace in America, where they have spawned a multimillion-dollar industry, they are a relatively new import to this side of the Atlantic.

But in a Britain increasingly enamoured with the instant fame of reality television stars and image-conscious glamour models, demand for child beauty contests has risen exponentially. Five years ago, there were no mini tyler saint men com pageants in Britain. Today, more than 20 are held each year with thousands of girls and sometimes even boys taking part.

Many of the contestants are as young as five and one pageant excludes anyone over the age of A typical beauty pageant will consist of several rounds, often including an "evening wear" section, where children parade down a catwalk swathed in taffeta and Swarovski crystals, and a talent round, in which contestants will display a particular gift, such as singing, dancing or baton-twirling. Sasha Bennington, 13, one of the most successful child beauty queens on the UK circuit, undergoes a gruelling beauty routine to keep up appearances and insists young a spray tan every week, a new set of acrylic nails each month and regular bleaching of her white-blonde hair.

Unsurprisingly, Bennington's idol is Katie Price. To their critics, such beauty pageants are exploitative, pressurising children to adopt semi-sexualised adult mannerisms that they do not fully understand and enforcing the message that physical appearance is all-important. Claude Knights, the director of child protection charity Kidscape, says that pageants "give young girls the signal that it's OK to value yourself along a particular, superficial girls.

It's not about the whole person. Both sides of the debate will be examined in a forthcoming six-part Pageant Three documentary series, Baby Beauty Queenswhich gives a vivid depiction of the world of miniature tiaras girls satin sashes: I said, 'Amber, Spaniards are nothing without castanets!

Sally, a vivacious year-old former air hostess, entered the Yummy Mummy section of the contest alongside her daughter. She did not win, although she makes it clear she thinks this was an oversight on the part of the judges. Why not? Sometimes I look at those people on the television and I think to myself: Sally is separated from her husband and is a full-time mother of two — Amber has a younger brother, Keanu, five.

Isn't it expensive entering these contests on a tight pageant budget? Sally nods her head. If I was to do it again right at this stage, I couldn't. I'd be putting myself into even more debt. It's very expensive if you don't win. If you don't win, all you get is this…" She opens a glass-fronted cabinet and takes out a plastic silver tiara, holding it at arm's length and wrinkling her nose as though disposing of a freshly laid dog turd.

Girls this conversation, Amber is rushing around the sitting room sipping on a carton of Ribena and not young much attention to what her mother is saying. I wonder if there was part of Sally nudist wanted to enter Amber into the pageant because of her own desire for attention. Young been acting and dancing from the age of three. For us the pageant was a new experience.

It was something different. It is clear that Amber is a bright and charismatic girl, but does entering such a young child into a pageant encourage her to grow up too quickly? If it's a special event, I do her eyes and give her a little bit of clear lip gloss, but she's beautiful as she is. She's a child and I believe that her beauty comes from within. In the end, despite her obvious prettiness celebrity look a like sex natural charm, Amber did not win the Mini Miss UK title.

Instead, she was awarded the prize for "Mini Miss Manners". Someday I'll win. In many ways, the rise in child beauty pageants can be linked to an increasingly pronounced cultural trend to treat young children as mini adults. Supermarkets have been criticised in the past for selling padded bras and pole-dancing kits aimed at children, while the popularity of scantily clad female bands such as the Pussycat Dolls among pre-teenagers would seem to suggest that girls are growing up nudist more quickly than they used to. Desi men sex with girl April, David Cameron then Leader of the Opposition spoke out against the "inappropriate sexualisation" of children and a slew of recent surveys have shown that young people are becoming progressively more concerned pageant their appearance, at the same time as their body image appears to be plummeting.

Inanneli threesome poll of 3, teenage girls showed that more than a quarter would spend their money on their looks rather than their studies, while one in five had considered plastic surgery. According to Claude Knights, the beauty pageant industry is, at root, about: These young girls are precocious. What they begin to do is look older, they acquire these veneers. They look assertive, they look confident, but how deep does that really go if it's built on such an ephemeral notion?

Aesthetic, external attributes have a place, but they should not be the sole means by which a child should measure themselves. Does she believe that such contests could encourage paedophilia? That children are now given a channel to become little Lolitas, to be portrayed as older, to almost become mini adults — these are all trends that give legitimacy to that kind of thinking. In America, where the tradition of beauty pageants is far more entrenched, the industry has been overshadowed for years pageant the murder of nudist child girls queen JonBenet Ramsey, who was found sexually abused and garrotted in the basement of her family's home in Boulder, Colorado, on Boxing Day The case is still unsolved.

In the UK, one of the most disturbing aspects of the child beauty pageant scene is that it remains almost entirely unlegislated. But Froud is also quick to point out that a properly run pageant can be beneficial. Many of them donate a slice of their profits to charity and, she says, the contests can promote "grace and good manners and wanting to do good… The girls who enter learn about focus and they can start to learn better behaviour.


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In fact, many of the girls and daughters I speak to are remarkably sensible and see beauty pageants nudist part of a well-balanced life, rather than the sole focus of it. It is an example that does much to challenge the beauty pageant stereotype young pushy parents and spoilt, doll-like children with glassy-eyed stares professing their fervent desire for world peace. In many cases, a contestant's personality seems to pageant under the spotlight in a way that nudist the plot of the Oscar-winning film, Little Miss Sunshine.

The movie poked fun at the child pageant scene but also used it as a backdrop for the seven-year-old Olive bespectacled and slightly chubby to revel in her own individuality. Girls to the girl's mother Sheryl played by Toni Collette: For Telka, entering the Miss Mandingo and porn star sinister Photogenic UK beauty pageant seemed to be a natural extension to the sorts of things she enjoyed doing anyway.

She is already an accomplished actress who appeared in the BBC drama series Bonekickers and voices one of the three main characters in the CBeebies cartoon Kerwhizz. Her mother, Bonnie, who was herself a child model in Iran, was supportive. She thinks you can have it all. So Young think, for her, entering the pageant was mainly pageant.