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Instead of your guy putting the condom on solo, tell him to use your hand to do it for him.

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Have him unwrap the condom, position it in your hand and lead you to his member. When you've got the condom on his head, tell him to put his hand over yours as you roll the sides down his shaft together. Do It From Behind. Get your guy on his knees, facing the wall with his back to you. Come up behind him and, using your free hand, reach around to grab the base of his shaft, stroking it as you kiss the back of his neck. After a minute or so, bring the condom pakistan army girls porn with your other hand, and feel your way there as you secure it over his package.

Make Him Tingle. Hold the condom by the rim like how you'd hold a cup by its brimand squirt a few drops of tingling lube into the tip. Quickly flip it over onto your guy's star player, and use your hand to roll the sides of the condom down his shaft.

7 Sexy ways to put on a condom - Harmony Store

As the lube trickles south, your guy will feel an ahh-mazing chilling sensation. Pull the Switch. Stash a condom at the foot of your bed, out of sight, and tell your guy you're craving some oral pleasure. When he's got you warmed up, pull back coyly and grab his shaft as you give him the look. Then reach down, grab your rubber and slip it on him. Hand Over the Job. When he's at full mast, wrap the condom over the head of his penis and roll the sides modern girls fucking pictures just enough to secure it over the ridge.

Let your lady parts take it from there, rolling the condom sides down as you slide down his shaft assisting with your hand as necessary. Flip around and do the exactly as you did in the previous tip, but in the reverse cowgirl positioninstead. Your ass will be blocking his view, and the fact that he can only feel what you're doing as you prep him for action will boost his arousal by a megaton.

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How to Put On a Condom - Properly Putting on a Condom

Justin Trudeau returns to campaign with promise of lower taxes U. Egypt detains award-winning rights lawyer Middle East. View more stories. Filed under: Leave a comment. Subscribe to Indonesia English wRap. Follow RapplerID. While it can be really hard — and trust me, I know from personal experience how hard this part is — you have to stand your ground on it. Chances are, your mood has already been ruined by the fact that you have to push him about this — and it should be.

Give him a hand while he takes a break to wear the condom to keep it steaming

I really wanted to have sex with you tonight! But if the guy is really being a dick? Get up, get your clothes on, and get out. Why not use it as the first part of sexual intercourse itself? Start by putting the condom on your man by hand and ensuring it is secure in place, and then let your body finish the job by mounting him gently.

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Make sure that this is not rushed in order to ensure the condom is put on correctly. Spice up your sex life even more by making it part of foreplay with your partner. Incorporate the act into oral play to really get your man geared up for the main event! Hold the condom in your mouth, with the teat facing inwards. Then put your mouth at the head of his penis and roll the condom down his shaft with your lips.