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Any bosomy display counts. Why are we doing this list? Well, I could say that sports cleavage grabs our attention more than regular cleavage because we never quite expect to see cleavage at a sporting event.

And that would be true. And look at that, here you are. Sports Lists.

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Ready to start our journey? Not even the drunk English guy can upstage this German fan.

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This photo pretty much sums it up. And this GIF. Kirsty Gallacher Everybody knows camera operators search for hot chicks in the stands, but this was a little ridiculous. See the video here. Go Knicks! She may not be as curvy as her good friend Serena Williamsbut Caroline Wozniacki is no slouch.

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Caroline Wozniacki Meet Liz Gorman. She's really good at lingerie football. Maria Sharapova You've probably never heard of Denmark's Malou Ejdesgaard because she's just the 1,th player in the world.

But hey, she's only 23, so there's time. Interesting Wardrobe Choice Yankee Stadium: Determined Camerman Fun story about U. Also, said surgery was apparently a cause of conflict amongst her and her teammates.

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The amazing power of boobs, amiright? Excited Jays Guy There's never a shortage of attractive women who want to be L.

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Kings ice girls. The trick is teaching them to skate. Ice Girl Royalty Gravity be damned! Rare Upside Down Cleavage There are lots of attractive female athletes who become famous because they are hot.

See Franco, Leryn. But Ana Ivanovic is also very good at tennis. At time of writing she's currently ranked No. Ana Ivanovic: McCarron, after a camera zoomed in on her at the BCS title game. Croatian fans are better for the World Cup anyway… WorldCup18 pic. Brazil most definitely have the most attractive female fans, by a country mile.

Hottest girl in World Cup? Denmark pic. Poland for the win. WorldCup POL pic.

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Following the final hot of the Sweden vs. England game, the Fox Sports cameramen panned in on three different women in the Swedish crowd who all had something in common—they were young, blonde and attractive.

Perhaps in an effort to curtail such creepiness, fellow commentator Alexi Lalas made it even worse: Were Swedish fans hired from a modeling the wedding slammer The cameramen seemed to really like the girls Swedish soccer fans. EnglandvsSweden WorldCup Last month, Burger King Russia announced that events would offer a lifetime supply of Whoppers to any woman who was able to get impregnated by a player.

The tournament has also seen several cases of female journalists being harassed while reporting for international media outlets. On June 15, Colombian journalist Julieth Gonzalez Theran was reporting sporting German broadcaster Deutsche Welle when a soccer fan grabbed her chest and kissed her.

Three days later, Malin Wahlberg was interviewing a crowd of Swedish fans when one man ruffled her hair while another grabbed her around the neck and tried to kiss her. Mexican journalist Mariana Zacarias told the French magazine Paris Match about being groped, kissed and grabbed within the first two weeks of the competition. Not easy to show such restraint in the face of harassment. Belgium match featured shots of, almost exclusively, middle-aged men wearing devil horn hats.