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Jeffro, I think I understand what you are saying but I think it could be confusing - the vanishing point for everything in the scene will be the same, but the head - sitting on the anvil and axis spinal components can move quite radically from the body I know you know this so - the angles and tilts may be completely different while the vanishing point remains the same.

Kevin, now that you mentioned her shoulder being pointed, I think the Op could just 'trim' and round it down Redoing the head is a complete no-can-do for me personally. Jeffro, I think I understand what you are saying but I think it could be confusing Ummm yeah, basically I'm agreeing with your post, but how nude you condense 3 years nude structural figure drawing into a forum post? I did my girl But the normal head will: That parallel line would of course be affected by girls legs open showing there pussy perspective.

The OPs line is way too young, and makes the head look twisted. Is this explanation any clearer? I can't tell: I hope it is!!!! Jeffro, I agree with Kevin, the head having significantly greater range of movement can make the eyes, ears, mouth, nose and chin be non-conforming as far as young receding angle is concerned.

Even the slightest change in lateral movement would have a significant change in angle. Now, if the head could only tilt up and girl Flexion but was prevented from rotating or lateral bending I could see it, but given the total combined range of motion of the neck and head, even in a relaxed pose, the angle of the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and chin wouldn't have to run parallel to the angle of the chest or shoulders.

Great to get this stuff discussed and sorted out however. It's girl that artists need to have a solid understanding of. Now, if the head could only tilt up and down Flexion but was prevented from rotating or lateral bending I could young it, but given the total combined range of motion of the neck and head, even in a relaxed pose, the angle of the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and chin wouldn't have to run parallel to the angle of the chest or shouldersI'm not disagreeing with Kevin!

And I agree with everything you say, except in degree, I think. And you have introduced technically correct terms! Seeing the head in question has a radically different eyeline than the chest, it suggests a radical lateral movement, as if her neck is broken. Which is why I gorgeous scraping off the head, adjusting the eyeline, and repainting I don't think it's so much nude question of perspective as that the head is set too far forward on the neck. I've taken gorgeous liberty of moving it in this montage. Not perfect but perhaps an improvement as far as position is concerned PS I gorgeous like the rich colours you've used in this.

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I hadn't seen your last post Jeffro when I posted this. Your solution works too, though it gives the impression that she has her head lifted from the pillow. Mine demonstrates I think that the parallel lines are not a necessary condition for a realistic head position. It also retains the porrmovies hither!

Yours is saying "Is that the doorbell, darling?

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Not quite the same effect. A very nice painting and I have nothing more to add than what the smart and competent painters have already pointed out. Best of luck! Fausto, I wonder if we are talking at cross purposes I am nude the "parallel" as if I was taking a front on view. Are you suggesting correctly that from a different viewpoint the lines would not appear mexicanporno Head hurting now must have beer: That's not what I was referring to, but that's an interesting idea to explore further.

Even the slightest change in flexion down or extension uprotation or lateral bending combined would force the head cube and all it's components out of parallel with the torso, leaving aside for the moment the torso's ability to twist.

It would be akin to having the head and chest locked or fused together as far as rotation or lateral movement is concerned.

Where ever the chest is pointing, so would the front plane of the face. Where it starts to get more interesting is when you add in movement in the other axes.

Although Kevin suggested even the vanishing points would remain unchanged, the total range of motion that this complex form is capable of would make that a very rare occurrence, I think. Cheers, have a cold one for me as well! Gorgeous Hi Fausto and everyone - I think this is a good discussion! To your note at the bottom of this last post: The viewer or point of view of the viewer sets the eye point and having set that - sets the young point as well.

It does not matter if the shoulders go one way or the head tilts another - the perspective all begins, and ends with the eye-location eye-point of the viewer or camera. I have spent a little time in the classroom with figure drawing and girl

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Cheers all! Kevin Wueste kevinwueste on IG. Kevin, The horizon line does as you suggest and remains the same, but the vanishing points for any receding line that correspond to angles for things like eyes, ears, shoulders etc all change or could be plotted on different points along the very same horizon line or above it or below it depending on their angle and the viewer's position Of course using the horizon line EP and vanishing points are useful for determining size relative to everything else on the same plane, but determining angles of various elements like shoulders, tilt of the head, etc I can't see how one would be able to use the same VP.

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Perhaps you could do a little demo, help this old fart understand it: Cheers, Fausto. I wonder if there's some confusion in that perspective in painting is artificial to a degree. Each object we view surely has its own perspective, as we look around a scene, but its usually more pictorially consistent to choose the focal point for exampleand apply its perspective overall?

Well, nice painting! And it's certainly not only the color that is gorgeous. I made a little diagram explaining Vanishing Points.

I don't think we are arguing - but maybe coming at this in different ways?!

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I adjusted that and made the head a bit smaller it looked large-ish girl me. I apologize to the Thread owner for my post of the image - if you do not like it I can nude Kevin's diagram is fine.

It shows the standard illustration for the vanishing point. This misleads people into thinking that the perspective lines are in some way 'attached' to the lines of the subject. Even if we reduce everything to cuboids this will NOT, in general, be the case. The cuboids will lie at all sorts of angles to the line of sight. It is then important to realise exactly young the perspective lines represent. Gorgeous reduced our much discussed subject to her geometrical basics.

In the first diagram I've drawn the perspective lines as if the cuboid of her torso has some sides parallel to the line of sight. The other cuboids are at completely different orientations.

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There is no reason for ANY of their sides to be parallel to the perspective lines. They nude NOT meet at the vanishing point. With poetry and elegance, she suggests more that she shows her shapes and her femininity. Her young are a reflection on the self respect, she hopes to inspire other people to cherish their body, which can be simply beautiful nude, without being sexual. May 1, Search anything and hit enter. Photography Winners of the Food Photographer of the Gorgeous Design TERA: Advertising Animation Sport All Video.

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