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In this data set of over in-depth interviews with girls, only one respondent described a traditional sugar daddy relationship. There was a 15 year age difference between her and her partner:.

He would pick me from home secretly and take me for film shows in town. I could not refuse because I was ashamed of all the things he had done for me. The descriptions of money and gifts in relationships with age-mates encompassed money or gifts being used simply to indicate an interest in someone; as part of the courting process that might lead to having sex; as one further step on the path towards marriage; and in quid pro quo terms: Sometimes boys can be wanting to just spoil girls.

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He can persuade you and you know us girls—small things like these [holding a packet of biscuits] can persuade us. He spoils you then you miss your education and sometimes your life just because of such petty things. Time persuades and deceives you that he is going to marry you and gives you something like this [holding a packet of biscuits]. You play sex, you find he teen a sexually transmitted infection or sometimes he spoils you and impregnates you and you fall in a deep pit.

Is it possible for the girl to refuse sexual intercourse if the male proposes to her? If she refuses, you can flatter her and give her lots of money for her to accept [to have sex]. Participant 3: Boys from Uganda described that it is not only the girl who is bound by the financial expectations that come with accepting a gift. The boy is too:. You find the girl going too far and wanting you to give her money. Then if she takes anything from you, you get forced to follow it up and demand for sex.

In analyzing the sexual narratives outside of marriage in the in-depth interviews IDIs first, boys related being asked for money by their partners while girls talked about being presented with the money yet it is unclear if they were asking for it. Girls related receiving money to buy themselves food, soap or clothes.

In Uganda and Malawi, receiving gifts or money were described as one aspect of romantic relationships that involved sex but that the gifts or money did not necessarily connote pressure. As a Ugandan fuck described the exchange in her relationship: A rural, out-of-school 16 year old Malawian boy said that he knew that if he had no money his girlfriend would refuse to have sex with him. He talked about how he spent all week assembling the money so that he could have sex with her once a week.

Dustin diamond video naked from the narratives it is not always clear whether money or gifts played a coercive role.

A number of rural, out of school Ugandan girls described sexual girl that involved obtaining money or gifts to engage in sexual intercourse where the role that money played in bringing about the sex was explicit but whether the money and gifts were coercive remains unclear: On the other hand, some of the sexual narratives that included an exchange of money were more explicit about the coercive force exerted by that money.

The boy in the narrative below had invited the respondent to go to a video club to watch a movie. He charmed me and then we had sex. It was my first time. The respondent had not spoken to the boy since that day. She recounts at the end of this narrative that she has not had sex again because she is scared of boys. Gifts and money did not come up in the sexual narratives in Ghana. Using these unique data from four sub-Saharan African countries provides nationally representative prevalence numbers and correlates for sex in exchange for money or gifts for adolescents 12—19 years old.

The first data inform the meaning and expectations associated with gift giving and getting in romantic relationships. The quantitative data show time receiving gifts, primarily money and clothes, to engage in sex is a common practice within adolescent sexual relationships in the four countries of this study as over two-thirds of young women Ghana, Malawi and Uganda and one-third of young men in Ghana and Uganda said they had received gifts from school recent sex partner to have sexual intercourse.

Getting money or material goods in exchange for sex occurs most commonly in relationships with age-mates, is taking place across the socio-economic spectrum and is not associated with less condom use.

Since household wealth status is not associated with having engaged in sex for money or gifts, it appears that what is being observed is not primarily survival sex but frequently gift-giving in the context of romantic relationships, which is not to say that it is not coercive.

The results on condom use do not speak to prior findings that the size of the transfer is negatively related to condom use since in this study there are no data on the value of the gift or amount of money received or the frequency that gifts or money were exchanged for sexual intercourse.

It should be noted that while there is no statistically significant association between educational attainment having six or more years of schooling and receiving money or gifts for sex in both the bivariate and multivariate analyses, educational attainment has a strong and positive association across all four countries with condom use at last sex. Offering basic necessities for sex might be a coercive tactic if a young woman is busty pornstars xxx gif dire need, yet it is hard to make that same argument when gifts such as jewelry and gifsfor are girl items received.

Peer pressure can influence girls to enter into transactional sexual relationships. While this might be deemed coercive, the coercion is not being perpetrated by the sex partner. Girls can be strategic about the sexual arrangements they make using money as a reason to have sex when fuck is not present, as was discussed by girls in Uganda. Accepting gifts can lead gifsfor forced sex: Yet the expectation of sex tied to gifts can bind either of the partners to an unwanted sexual situation as evidenced by Ugandan boys stating that girls coerce them into having sex through asking for gifts.

While Ghanaian youth did not talk about obtaining gifts or money for sex, the quantitative evidence demonstrates that gifts and money are given for sex there as well. Perhaps the behavior is more stigmatized in Ghana and that was the reason it was not discussed. Norms about girls and sexuality may make it more advantageous for girls to report engaging in sexual intercourse for money rather than for desire. It is not socially acceptable for unmarried girls to initiate sex or be demonstrably enthusiastic about engaging in sex.

For example, a descriptive study based on the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health adolescents in grades 7 through 12 in —95 showed that 62 percent of adolescents in romantic relationships gave each other presents; more girls than boys report gift-giving behavior, and as adolescents age they report more gift-giving in their romantic relationships though even among 15 year old females and best cuckold ever, more than half reported gift-giving.

Girls tended to have male partners that were on average a couple years older than them, while boys tended to have older partners only up until they were 18 or 19 years old. Transactional sex has caused enough concern as a school problem that a number of interventions have been designed, but they address cross-generational sex and not transactional sex in general.

An evaluation of the program found that the program led to a 65 percent decrease in the incidence of pregnancies by older partners among teenage girls in the program, and, interestingly, reported sexual activity and condom use with age-mates increased but teen incidence in those relationships did not increase.

Limitations of the present study include that the only measures on the survey that capture a transaction are whether the respondent was given gifts or money to have sex in the last 12 months up to three partners and the type of gift that was received.

We do not know how often gifts were given in the relationship; what the value of the gifts were; if the gift-giving was mutual in the relationship, i.


The timing of when the gift or money was given likely influenced whether a respondent identified having engaged in sex for money or gifts. It is possible that the longer the time period between receiving money or gifts and sex, the less likely adolescents might have been to state that they received myanmar naked varsity girls or gifts for sex, even when the long-term expectation of money or gifts for sex may have played a part in the decision to have sex. Another limitation is that the data are not detailed fuck to distinguish between survival sex and sex for gifts and money for other reasons—though there was no association between household economic well-being and the likelihood of receiving something in exchange for sex.

Since what is needed for survival is subjective, it is extremely difficult to gain an accurate measure of this. A third limitation is that teen type of item given may determine whether the young woman perceives the support to be a gift or money for sex. Gifsfor and Kurz posit that lifts to school, sodas or rent may not been seen as gifts.

Lastly, this study only speaks to experiences of exchanging sex for money or gifts outside of marriage. Understanding the exchange of gifts or money for sex in extramarital relationships and possibly within marriage cannot be addressed by the data in this study. This research has shown that across the four study countries, there are not clearly identifiable high risk groups boots yakata likely to engage in sexual intercourse for money or gifts and first transactions are not predictive of condom use.

Gifts can have multiple meanings within any given relationship that can serve to blur the line between romantic intentions and more transactional sexual exchange. While the research presented here brings us closer to understanding the role that money and gifts play with respect to sexual intercourse, much more research is needed.

Assessing this would be extremely challenging as it no doubt varies from person to person and most likely over time for the same person as well. The authors would like to thank Beth Fredrick as well as two anonymous reviewers for girl on an earlier draft of this paper. The Uganda sample is not nationally representative because four districts in the northern region of Uganda had to be dropped from the sample due to security concerns during fieldwork.

Few unmarried adolescent females reported more than one sex partner in the last 12 months 13 cases in Malawi, 16 cases in Ghana and 25 cases each in Burkina Faso and Ugandaand so the characteristics of the most recent sex partner reflect the characteristics of the majority of these adolescent sexual relationships. However, a covariate for having two or more recent sexual relationships is included to examine whether these particular unmarried female time differ from others.

This variable was analyzed for unmarried, sexually-active girls who comprised 53 percent of the total sample of girls in Burkina Faso, 44 percent in Ghana, 36 percent in Malawi and 47 percent in Uganda.

The focus group discussions and in-depth interviews were part of a larger study that examined HIV and unintended pregnancy prevention among 12—19 year olds in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Malawi, and Uganda. Note that the question about receiving anything in exchange for sex was not asked if the sex partner was the very first sex partner and they had sex only one time. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Afr J Reprod Health. Author manuscript; available in PMC May 5.

Ann M. Moore1 Ann E. Biddlecom1 and Eliya M. Zulu 2. Ann E.

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Eliya M. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Correspondence should be directed to: Copyright notice. See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. Using qualitative and quantitative data collected in — in four sub-Saharan African countries, we examine: Background Having sex for money or gifts has been found to be a common occurrence among girls in many parts of sub-Saharan Africa.

Time Data for the study come from three sources: Nationally Representative Survey A nationally-representative household survey on adolescent sexual and reproductive health was teen with time female and male 12—19 year olds in each of the study countries in Meet him and 's other Top 10 money makers. But living with hair as long ans hers is no walk in the park.

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