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Angela and Friends: Live from Studio Five: RR's Oscar predictions: RR on the Oscars: Shadowplay Studio: Great Movie Mistakes 2: Edit page. Up in the Air Did You Know? Share this page: Date night movies. That said, I could totally see the paparazzi mistaking this girl for his new Italian piece. We certainly have seen her boobies all over the place.

George has paraded himself and her around constantly for the past few weeks. Most of them look staged. Of course, Georgie, Josie, Wanderlust! Politicians and celebrities play this game all the time.

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If you ask me, politicians and actors are pretty much one and the same — no insult to either. Otherwise, their lives are just one great big fat lie.

Even the kindest of people will always have those who hold them in contempt in their eyes. To some degree that needs to be ignored. And yet it does help to accentuate the positive.

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George Clooney does indeed have positive aspects about him. What george crock!!! Some are lowlier than the last or the next. You should, too. I mean, why advertise your latest piece of gutter trash? So where does George stand? And I personally cannot blame him for wasting no time with the wrong ones. The tabloids want you to believe that, too. It just took him some time to clooney grow into a real man.

Any photos taken inside a persons property are violations of privacy, regardless if it is George Clooney or Joe Smith from down the block. He has a right to be outraged, however I hope he asks himself a few questions. I naked really, everyone has seen everything she has to offer in video and print, clooney is she showing it now? Who you date and why is your business but try thinking with the head on your shoulders and be prepared to assume the consequences of your decisions.

Case and point. I always find a room with no windows bathroom or close the blinds prior to. The reason: The Italian press is looking for alleged young girl pic. Super PR stunt. Where are the supposed photos, who is the supposed girl, who are the supposed photographers, and which are the fake Italian rags that printed them? Or maybe the photos do truly exist but they are fake yet again, Elisabetta Canalis and her so saggy tits. But Clooney would be in the right if they did exist.

Question is: Magazine has apologized to George Clooney. Naked more of the George in your inbox. Never miss the latest news from the Star.

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