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Art by FallenLilith Hetalia by justdraw4waffle-chan. Devious Collection by Loveless Fuck You, I'm a Dragon. Fuck you, They're a Dragon This was just made in good fun, so no one get all pissy about it Image size. Comments Join the community to add your comment.

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Already a deviant? Sign In. GuyBronson Hobbyist Writer. Why so serious? Even though this was deliberate trolling, I don't thin it's too far off.

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CoronetV8 Hobbyist Traditional Artist. I knew a dude who thought he was a tina fey fakes nude so that would mean he was supposed to be a woman to solely be a witch. He was serious but he was a great dude. I respect people who can be true to themselves XD. SuccubusHunter Hobbyist Artist. Gotta catch em all Good for you, dragon-person! Actually, this doesn't make any less sense than any of the bigger religions - The only difference is that the bigger ones have brainwashed their into society over centuries and nobody think that those are crazy cuz they have been around for so long And hey, believing in something crazy doesn't necessary make you crazy - Whatever makes you pull trough and keeps you sane.

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I don't know why any fellow wiccans are offended, I mean he said, " Bisexual wiccan otherkin dragons. Fuck that I am a dragon who will burn any wannabe dragons to a crisp before I devour their souls. Press 'i' to view the image gallery'v' to view the video galleryor 'r' to view a random entry.

You can help confirm this entry by contributing facts, media, and other evidence of notability and mutation. FYIAD however can be used in most any situation as a comeback, fuck in you sarcastic tone. LiveJournal user StarBlade posted an entry in the debate section dragon Otherkin, "Fuck you, I'm a Dragon" became the defensive cry of many of the Dragon otherkin in the debate.

Now, fresh pink girl porn phrase can be used in any situation; however, it's typically still used in it's traditional form. I'm an Anteater! Otherkin, is a spiritual belief in which one thinks that he is a certain animal and he is trapped inside a human body.

Fuck You IM a DRAGON! NEVER STAY DEAD I'LL SET Yo SHIT ON FIRE! | Fire Meme on timeofmylife.info

Unlike furries, "Otherkin" refers exclusively to people who believe they are mythical creatures. Someone who believes they are a real life animal is known as a "therian", or furry. You need to have life insurance if you live in Massachusetts.

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Otherkin Otherkin, is a spiritual belief in which one thinks that he is a certain animal and he is trapped inside a human body. Usage x: I'm a Dragon! Uploaded by Oclaf. Uploaded by New Age Dragon.