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But, within the book Hanna is a mad nurse obsessed with the health of the English man, yet is numb to thoughts of rape, war, or death. The reader is thrown into a villa then surrounded by flash memories of sand, war, love and betrayal. You will not remember those parts from the movie. They left all the good parts out. Simply breathtaking. The period-drama is ripe for sexual tension with massive, passionate payoff.

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Here are five of the steamiest period-drama love scenes that we just keep coming back to, over and over again. I mean, Colin Firth. But the sexual tension between Katharine and Lazlo is so immediate and so intense that neither can resist. It isand the gulf between the two, in terms of class, is unlikely to be breached.

But Cecilia loves Robbie with a passion that can only occur in impossible love.

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These failures to connect all the emotional dots mar what otherwise is one english the year's more ambitious, literate productions. Cinematographer John Seale establishes the sex sensuous tone with an patient shot of a plane gliding over desert sands that roll and fold like a naked human body. Minghella has crafted a grand tale with a scope that ranges from intimate to global. With its fine acting, sumptuous visuals and levels of intrigue, scenes English Patient" boasts the elements of something greater than a love story.

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Too bad it devotes them to something less than a great love story. A Miramax release; opens Friday.

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english Running time: MPAA rating: Of course, it was harder to communicate at the time, but over the course of six months we exchanged faxes and phone calls, and I sent my demos via special courier. Even though we were a very long distance from each other, everyone was on the scenes page, working in harmony. It took patient a long time to write a piece of music, a piano prelude in three voices. This theme was used, among others, for the famous scene where Juliette Binoche is hoisted up by rope in the torch-lit church.

I sent Anthony the piece but he called sex up saying: I want you to swing her! It became a joke between us. At the Oscars, when The English Patient won nine awards, we were still joking about this.


Anthony took my imagination, creation and composition to another level. He inspired me to be bold, to achieve my full potential for all our projects. He was, and still is, my soulmate.

Walter Murcheditor.

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Once a film has been put together for the first time, the quickest way to answer the music question is this: Take a likely piece of pre-recorded music, sync it with the film at a possible start point, and press play.

The amazing thing about this process is that it works as well as it does — sometimes brilliantly — even though the music may have been composed decades or centuries before.

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Unfortunately, he did not have the courage to tell North, and it was only at the New York premiere that the composer learned what had happened to his music. Film-makers can become so enamoured with the track they have chosen to provide mood and atmosphere until the soundtrack is added, that they find it painful to let it go. Composers are often asked to imitate the temp track, in the hope of maintaining the musical DNA.

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Is this the right way to go about doing music for film? I have mixed feelings: But as an overall approach, it has the danger of introducing a subtle poison into the creative process. Instead, he would ask composer Gabriel Yared to write several test themes and variations based on the screenplay. Similarly, Francis Ford Coppola had asked David Shire to begin writing the music for The Conversation ineven before the film was shot.