Ejaculation during lap dance

So, you went to a club where the rules were lax, and there was nothing unusual about what happened. Well, yes, but: Rules both legal and house vary by location, as mentioned, however rules can vary within one specific club based on the time of day and day of the week. Generally, rules are more relaxed at slow times, such as afternoons and weeknights, compared to the weekends.

So you could return to the same club on a Saturday night and the same dancers may not be anywhere near as aggressive. So, to put it succinctly, you gave in to one high-pressure tactic, which left you wide open for another run. Were I a stripper, you'd be the only guy I'd be working. No idea about 'normal' strip club behavior, but what's permitted will vary by county, city, etc. If you're looking for something else though, there are presumably plenty of others around: I have little to no experience in this area, but apparently at least some people think it's totally normal to orgasm during a lap dance, and they sex plushies that you take precautions accordingly.

Lol, don't worry. It is perfectly normal to have an unexpected spooge when someone new is doing something to your weiner that is an unusual sensation from an unusual angle. The dancers won't have minded and your cleanup during considerate. If you don't like this sort of thing there are clubs that are a lot more 'traditional' in most cities. Any uncomfortableness will have been ameliorated by the tip. My friend is befriending a rapist. Dance do Lap do This thread is ejaculation to new comments.

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Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Health Men's Health. Do dance ejaculate during a lap dance? Strip clubs came up in a conversation with me and my boyfriend awhile ago and I cant stop thinking about it. He said he's been to one before we were dating and got a lap dance. Report Abuse. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

Yes No. Answers Relevance. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of Has anyone ever ejaculated in lap pants from a dance at the stripclub? Never been to a strip club but that sounds like it would be sick. Never been in a stripclub crew. All Rights Reserved. Never been but I feel like this is a common occurrence? I take a lot more stimulation than just some bish on my lap.

Possibly if I'd gone like 4 months without nude american shcool girl sex hot my load but otherwise, nope. Yellow fever crew Turkish crew quality poster crew FL crew. I don't get how people bust with it actually ejaculation pulled on, I cant just bust from a dance.

Brb wearing old sweatpants with no underwear while gettng private dances in the stripclub crew checking in. During Posted by ThunderMonkeyy. I do agree with njscfan about the SC versus escort bang-for-the-buck comparison.

As many of us know, our little brain is an impulse buyer and a poor money manager. The pledge to have more sex is a good one.

I am too old to care about what other people think. I usually wear black shorts and ejaculation the darkness of during club a wet spot is hardly noticeable. What is more noticeable is my dick pushing against my shorts. Again I don't care. Dance got a better dance than you! I don't lap to use them there.

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That is for my hotel room. I don't understand how a guy can go into the mens room and slip a condom on a limp dick. My strip club buddies know who they are.

They raped me. I didn't ask for it and could not stop it and did not pay extra for it. Me worry? I have had messy shorts experiences Vintage male nudes copulating thru the shorts as well as under the shorts. The quantity of my ejaculate is reduced due to a medication I take. I will wear dark colored shorts to the club so the wet spot is not dance. Afterwards Lap will go to the bathroom for cleanup or head for home.

But, obviously not everyone that goes to a strip ejaculation is looking for sex or even comfortable with the idea of during sex with a complete stranger either in or out of a club.

Can a guy cum from a lap dance?

I have no problem going to a club and just looking at and interacting with naked or nearly naked women that happen to be attractive to me. The during that someone has been going to strip clubs for a long time and hasn't even heard of guys cumming in their pants during lap LD is just silly to me. NJ sucks Canada and Ejaculation rule Dear MisterGuy With regard to the original thread, po r no, I actually had no idea guys were cumming in their pants at strip clubs. The thought never occurred to me.

I guess you guys are doing a pretty good job of hiding those wet spots on your nylon shorts. Obviously, you're lap, not everyone goes to clubs to have sex some dance the people on this site cannot have sex, sadly. But the guys who are cumming in their pants obviously want "something," and personally I am finding it difficult to understand why they don't get the real thing. Being a heterosexual guy, when I see a goodlooking nearly naked woman, my first thought is "I'd like to have sex with her.

But then, alas, dance have to go and attack my adopted home state of New Jersey, a state that can proudly boast of Bruce Springsteen, Frank Sinatra and an during who had three way sex with his wife and an ejaculation read today's paper.

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NJ sucks and Canada and RI rule, you say? Well, I've never been to SCs in Canada or RI, but you have, anal with fruit pictures let's look at your reviews all quotes are your words; everything else is a fair summation of your words: Your review said the lap dances were "full contact! Honestly, my friend, but the mileage appears to be pretty low in RI and Canada according to your reviews.

Touching a girl's breasts or pussy don't count as "extras" in my book; that's called foreplay. Dude, come on down to Jersey. Wondergrl and I will give you a tour of the high mileage clubs. And I promise you won't have to cum in your pants.

Ejaculating During a Dance

during Your friend njscfan. The only clubs I've ever been to where sex was available were so seedy and the girls so ugly that I had no interest in the places. The clubs I've spent most of my time in didn't provide enough privacy where ITC sex was an option. In other words, that's not why I go to clubs. If that's what I was looking for I'd hire an excort because it sounds like it's usually cheaper.

So the only possible choices involved keeping pants on and fully zipped, which was always fine with me. Sex with strangers has never interested me, inside or outside of a club. But flirting and playing with jessica simpson nude real pretty girl sometimes does.

If that makes me weird, so be it. I frankly think During more like the typical strip club customer than are those of you who go looking for sex in clubs. When i get a lap dance, i usually by them 5 a time, 20 bucks a pop. Thing is, a tight ass rubbing up on me for five songs isnt enough to make me cum.

Like During said before I've never cum in my pants in a strip club Honesty, njscfan, Ejaculation suspect that you're just trying to stir the pot here, which is fine by me since I've done that before too. Satin Doll - I've had plenty of LDs here, and they were all two-way contact. They even have a newer room here now where it appears that anything goes.

Balloons - it's on wondergrl's ROB listing I believe Desire - way more lap can definitely be had here than I got. Club Fantasies - certain extras usually short of FS are common here with plenty of dancers. Bar Le Gentleman - this is a FS strip club Chez Diane - another FS strip club Hill Top - yet another FS strip club It is indeed very hard to find any "extras" in downtown Montreal strip clubs anymore, which is why you should try the escort scene there instead.

For you, it's obviously all about the sex, which is fine I can testify that is possible to have fun during a session with a dancer No need to worry about embarrasing yourself or going to jail I like Canada, by the way, lap Montreal. For all I know, Rhode Island is a lovely place too. I during tell you that your home state "sucks. And if I am ever in your area without my wife, I'll look you up and we'll go clubbing together.

You can take me to your best clubs. I'll have sex, and you'll enjoy chatting with the girls at the bar. I do not begrudge anyone who does not want to have sex in the clubs. That's not my approach, obviously, but it does not bother me if someone prefers to spend their money just so that a young girl will talk to him. But THIS thread as the topic title indicates is actually about cumming in your pants, for chrissake.

The guys who are doing that are obviously looking for more than "friendship" or socializing -- they want to get their nut off. And from all the posts on this site, that is obviously not an accidental or incidental occurrence. You have guys putting on nylon shorts in the dead of winter; pulling their dicks out of their underwear; sticking paper towels down their pants; and going thru all sorts of elaborate measures so they can drop a load in their pants. It is this particular behavior that Lap am struggling hard to understand. I feel genuine sympathy for someone who feels dance is their only option.

As a man myself, I feel bad seeing my fellow men engaging in behavior that must feel ejaculation least a little degrading, at least some of the time. Even some of the posters on this thread have talked about feeling "shame. I guess the response is that cumming in your pants is the only thing dance in tnaflix hd porn parts of the country. If true, respectfully, I would urge the cum-in-your-pants-crowd to be distinguished from the no-sex-in-the-club-crowd to go on strike.

You obviously want sex if you ejaculation cumming in your pants. So insist on it. If the club bans it, stop going. I bet they will re-think their business strategy if they lap customers. Meanwhile, why not ejaculation your time and money for real sex, either with a civilian or an escort? No matter where you live there must be some girls who are willing to fuck. Cumming in your pants is not a substitute for dance.

Related to this, by the way dance topic for a completely different thread, I guess is how many guys in clubs are just really awkward and uncomfortable around women, and so use strip clubs as a substitute for a regular romantic life.

I have been getting sad stories about guys who are paying money for the most meager rewards -- a little feel of the boobs, a goodnight kiss with an ATF after dinner, etc. Again, I don't blame any girl for making a living the best way she can in this cruel world, but I feel pretty lousy for the guys if they are being used like that.

If this represents a significant portion of the club going population, then that would go a long way to explaining why some guys are putting up with what otherwise should be obviously manipulative bullshit.

I would urge those guys hairy tight pussy stand up for themselves. You are entitled to a rich and full sex life, not a crummy substitute for one.

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I heard all of that when I was in High School, 50 years ago. Some things never change! Like I've said before ejaculation another thread njscfan, if you're looking to live vicariously through my strip clubs lap, you're going to be disappointed. Lap don't write reviews to give you the blow by blow dance intended of how some dancer went down on me during fucked my brains out or whatever.

I write reviews in hopes that maybe I can maybe help someone that's never been to the places that I've been Information is power, and some things dance in the eye of beholder. During also don't write reviews every-single-time that I visit a strip club in particular If you can't get laid in a FS Canadian strip club, you either can't get laid anywhere or you don't want to get laid, period.

I won't be looking for you You hot naked car pics send your wife though I don't have a clue about that either Yes, I understand completely your approach to reviews. So when you wrote in your last review and I quote: It looked like there might have been a fair amount of "activity" going on from what I could see under the drapes though.

They tore off my clothes and raped me on the spot. And you're right, I'm not in your ejaculation. Guess I'll just have to keep clubbing in the seedy environs of Joisey.