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Carrie Final Destin Love Humanoids fr She's Just a It was very disturbing, very, very disturbing. Though the blood in the bucket was suposed it be from a pig, it was actually a mix of corn syrup and red food coloring. Under the hot lights, the stuff dried up into a sticky paste.

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To keep continuity in the blood spatter over several days of shooting, Spacek claims she slept in the dried blood. But the costume designer thought Spacek would look prettier in pink, so she put her in a pink dress. I might have known it would be red. He tried to hire the same musician, Bernard Herrmann, to compose the score, but Herrmann died before Carrie was filmed. The final scare in the movie chilled audiences to the core. Spacek wanted to do the stunt herself, which meant they had to bury her in dirt and rocks.

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Please wait Sort by: Name Age Popularity. Nancy Allen Chris Hargenson 27 years. This alternate take of the shower scene was shot specifically for the network television version of 'Carrie'. Also notable during this sequence, the on-screen credits are white instead of red and centered on the screen.

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Most profanity, especially during the scene with John Travolta and Nancy Allen arguing while he is driving, is re-looped to remove bad language. However, alternate, non-profane takes are used when Travolta and Allen are stopped in a parking lot just before the oral sex scene which of course is deleted. In recent years, this print of the movie has vanished from circulation. Carrie different versions of the nude room scene currently air in TV prints -- both are edited versions of the theatrical cut of the scene, complete with red movi offset across the screen.

Scenes the more the seen one, the nudity is completely blurred out with strategically placed fogging.

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A second version is sometimes seen which features some light fogging and Nancy Allen covered by bra and panties which were animated onto her nude body. In the gym fire, some prints show the principal, Mr.