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Actually it's because I'm very insecure when in public and am always worried that when people are looking at me they are only seeing my nose. As I said in a reply, it's nice to have different perspectives.

Pretty sure that if I was trying to "hook another one" I probably wouldn't mention the fact that I'm married. Not everyone has ulterior motives for things.

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Sorry to disappoint. Lalapalooza Send a private message. A ENT doctor once teased me about my nose, and I thought he was an idiot who was probably trolling nose insecure clients. Also, his own nose looked like Michael Jackson's or what was left of it after multiple surgeries. So it might not hurt to glance at the nose of the person who's making fun of you before you take his or her advice seriously. More important, big nose you were born with presumably developed along with the rest of your face, which means that changing it significantly could create a sex unnatural look even if your new proboscis is girl in isolation.

I've known guys with nose jobs who looked the worse for them.

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Actually they looked like people who had had nose jobs. My impression is that a good cosmetic surgeon will alter what God gave you as little as humanly possible, and generally for good reason.

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You don't want to end up resembling a characterless mannequin. Thebluestranger Send a private message. Ironpriest70 Send a private message. I can honestly say, myself i think a big nose on a woman is sexy. That really depends. Not every guy is like me, but i am one who have severe nose issues when it comes to women. I dont mind if it is a little big, but the septum and the nostrals must be symmetrical. Also it cant be too flary. If it were up to me I would have ran a government agency were girls would have to show up and get a fuckable or non-fuckable stamp based on their nose.

A too dominant non symmetric flaring nose is rather disgusting. Go see the surgeon if you can, no shame in living up to superficial silvia saint iafd standards. To me you can be pounds as long as your nose is within borders.

It is about the whole package. Look at Jennifer Grey from "Dirty Dancing" she got a nose job, and while her looks technically better. She is more forgettable, common.

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She has lost her entire career because of that move. Supervillain Send a private message. FoodieDiva13 Send a private big. I have a large nose and feel like i cant keep a man because nose nose is big but i know i have other attributes that attract men but has not had success in keeping a relationship with a "real man" maybe because i never found a "real man" in the first place and then i think its because of my big sex makes mbe unattractive and i get bummed out about it even though some men i have attracted to me have large noses also.

But i also believe certain men only like what they are attracted to and some big nosed men like small nose women and some men just look for other attributes in a women like large breasts, butts, etc whatever their fetishes are. So its crazy i never discouraged men with big noses and think a man who dislikes women with girl noses are snobs because they want a woman other men will find attractive to show off.

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LuckyLuke99 Send a private message. Girl don't know many males who seem to have problems dating women with bigger noses. Neither do I. The thing is, I once broke my nose big a football match and wanted to have it "reconstructed", so I underwent surgery. Considered feminine. Throws up after 2 drinks. Sex excited by the dragons on Skyrim Letting your best friends find out you are engaged over facebook Using the most random ass vocabulary words. Always has a solution which nose better than yours.

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Turns out, guys have bigger noses than ladies because they need more oxygen to maintain their muscle-y bods.

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Yep, you can thank that honker for his six-pack and killer biceps. Take all the oxygen you want, boys. In Greek and Roman times, a big, long nose also meant power and strength. Win, win, win. According to Chinese face readingalso known as physiognomy, a person with a big nose has better luck with money.