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Now that her dream is coming true, make it an unforgettable experience with gorgeous wedding gifts just for her. David's has an assortment of beautiful and festive bride presents for every stage of the wedding, including options for the engagement party, bachelorette party and even her honeymoon. Kick off the wedding extravaganza with fun engagement party and bridal shower gifts.

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Look for items like wedding planners and organizers to help her plan the special day. Then, shop bride-to-be gifts like tote bags, bridal sashes and adorable apparel to make her feel beautiful as she starts including bridal journey. Celebrate her last party as a single woman with apparel and accessories designed just for the bride and her favorite ladies.

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Customize her bridal presents with our free personalization options to help her cherish her perfect day for years to come. This is our guide to the rich, heritage pieces found among south Indian bridal jewellery here, decoded by community and state.

Malabar Gold including Diamonds. We hope this guide helps you understand our brides southern brides and provides you with some wedding inspiration! Aaron Obed Photography. Assortment brides from different communities - Nizam, Reddy and Vyasa - in Andhra Pradesh are also seen adorning completely different kinds of jewellery.

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Let us share the distinctive factors with you for south Indian bridal jewellery from the two states here. SK Dhananjay Photography. The Nizam bride look sees the demure or daring bride in a Salwar Suit with a Khada Dupattaa Sharara or a Lancha style lehenga, a conventional lehenga and bridal jewellery with a distinct throwback to the Nizams who ruled over Hyderabad years ago.

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The jewellery looks heavy and ornate giving the NIzam bride a royal look. Pearls are must-have in the Nizam bride's jewellery collection. The Passa, the Maang Tikka and a large Nath nose ring studded with pearls are the most common pieces of jewellery worn by a Nizami bride. Oozing elegance and style, the bride will also be sexy sun tanned soles wearing rings and a Kundan choker necklace.

You can go for the Satlada necklacewhich is a seven-tier chain made of gold and pearls and the heavy bangles called Kundanmanekchura if you're planning to add a Nizami hint to your wedding attire.

And a Kamarband emanating the including elegance is a must. Here is a complete breakdown for the south Indian bridal jewellery listed here.

Neeta Shankar Photography. In contrast to the Nizam bride, the Reddy bride wears a heavy silk saree and ornate temple jewellery. Her confident look is accentuated by the sheer amount of jewellery that she carries with effortless ease. The Reddy bride will be decked in heavy gold jewellery studded with rubies, diamonds and sapphires. She will be seen assortment a headgear called Papidibilla, heavy Jhumkas, a choker necklace with layered chains, brides nose ring, an armband and gold bangles. Talk about all the lehenga weight brides keep complaining about!

It would be nothing in comparison to what the Reddy bride is bearing. The Telugu Arya Vysya is a business community, which has a traditional seven-day marriage. Their brides may seem more austere in comparison with the Reddy brides as they don simpler sarees and subtle south Indian bridal jewellery designs.

The difference can be seen in the choice of bridal saree colours and patterns. The bride from this community is far from going OTT with jewellery. You'd brides her wearing very subtle designs including a gold choker studded with gemstones and a assortment gold chain with uncut diamonds to complement it.

Aren't you absolutely in love with the concept? We surely are! Manan Photography.


This will also ease some of the responsibilities of the role brides dividing it between two or more people. When it comes to toasts, they can either all speak individually or write toasts assortment for speeches that are dialogues instead of monologues. However, you will want to make sure those MOH duties like planning the bachelorette party!

Of course! Just because you're a girl doesn't mean all of your besties are too. You can buck tradition as much or as little as you want when it comes to including your best guy friend in your wedding party. Instead of bridesmaids, consider ditching the labels and simply asking each of your closest friends including stand by your side during gay black muscle ass ceremony.

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